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Lesa Hammond

Resume styles come and go with the newest working generation. As a Human Resources professional for the last (hmmm—too many) years, I know that you can ask ten of us which style resume we prefer and you will get at least eight different answers.

A few of the resume preferences include: 

  • chronological
  • functional 
  • combination chronological and functional
  • 1-page
  • multiple pages
  • and don’t forget the curriculum vitae.

My husband, Robert, has done quite a bit of research to determine the latest trends in resume design. What I like about the Blockbuster Resume is that it does exactly what a resume is intended to do. It gives some highlights and leaves them wanting. The Blockbuster Resume is not only good for the new college graduate, it is perfect for the “seasoned” high level executive. The Blockbuster Resume provides an Executive Summary Resume for the executive seeking a new job. It is also perfect to attach to grants and to provide to the nonprofit where I serve on the board.

If you are looking for a job and posting your resume online, the Blockbuster Resume is ideal for that. It is short and easy for the busy recruiter or executive to see your career expertise or highlights without having to scroll through volumes of text.

Take a look at the trends, and also take a look at Robert and my Blockbuster Resume examples on the About Us page.

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